Monday, December 20, 2010

To Err or Not to Err?

You have read from my first post about the errors found in the newly redesigned Philippine banknotes and of the plethora of criticisms it garnered. After posting that article I scouted Facebook once gain, particularly the GMA News profile page for more comments on the issue and I was stunned at the massive turnout. But it is more than just the turnout because what makes it more stunning is the variety of perspectives that the commentators presented.

I tried classifying these comments based on their similarities in perspectives. I might not be accurate about this since this just how I observed it.

The Fault Finders. Of course there are people who have immediately resorted to finger pointing at the Aquino Administration (which doesn't make sense to me since it was the BSP who committed the error and not the entire administration). Somehow, the comments of these people gives us a hint on who they did not vote last May 10. Under this umbrella are the people who were at least more directed in their comments (perhaps the more informed ones) and have decided to pin the blame on the BSP itself or to the Monetary Board.

The Avengers. On the other corner are the people who are vocal of their support for the government either because they voted for PNoy or because they are just plain sick and tired of people always putting the blame on government. Under this umbrella there are die-hard avengers and there those who are just being true to themselves (you know what I mean). Clearly, with their numbers, they are a minority and are always struggling for exposure in this war of words.

The Dimwits. I can say that they don't really know what's going on. Or they may know what's going on but they just don't have the intellectual depth to comment something that makes sense and so they just turn to making fun of the Avengers or at anyone that they feel would be vulnerable to their bullying. These people are most likely bored with their virtual lives here in cyberspace and are just trying to get some attention by making a scene. They are usually allied with the Finger Pointers.

Now, it makes sense to me why there is an overwhelming response from the masses regarding every minor fault that the current administration makes. I can say it is rooted in the corruption of the previous administration. Almost ten years of deceit, electoral fraud and money laundering combined with the almost daily mass actions and rallies, the occasional coup attempts and slow delivery of government services, has made the Filipino more vigilant and observant of what's gonna happen next. While they are just glad that President Arroyo is no longer in power, they won't be satisfied until government really does what it promises and that is to deliver on their promise of excellent and transparent public service.

And so while President Aquino has had a landslide of support last May and until now, there will always be a sector in Philippine society that is going to be critical of him and his administration. Not because his corrupt or anything, but because again, they want to see if his administration can deliver that promise. And therefore, they will notice everything, even from the littlest of errors. Has anyone ever noticed it yet? There have been a lot of criticisms against PNoy ranging from his mishandling of the Luneta Grandstand Hostage Taking Incident, to the alleged racist remarks of his speech writer, then to the purported lack of taste in his tourism slogan Pilipinas Kay Ganda! But has anyone ever found anything against him that is equal in magnitude and scale as to the errors committed by previous administrations? Were there any white elephants, shady deals, illicit affairs, and hidden wealth?

Too early to tell. But then again, do you think PNoy would commit such acts if he knew he is being watched by a very observant and vigilant public? I don't think so.

The errors being lampooned here are those of mismanagement. But in every profession, there is always going to be some sort of mismanagement right? Like, a fisherman losing a big catch. Or teacher, stating the wrong answer to a mathematical problem. Let alone for an administration which is struggling to establish the credibility of government after it has been damaged and wrecked by its predecessor, what can you expect?

Then again, even if we voted for him or not. PNoy nor his administration is not just the government. We, the entire Filipino polity, are the government. We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We have the duty to make sure that this government works to what we aspire it to be.

Quod ut est meus cuspis visum.

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